12 reasons why parents should send their kids to Summer Camps

12 reasons why parents should send their kids to Summer Camps

At camp, children:

1. Spend their day learning English or Career development:
Compulsory classes, as well as team-building exercises, combine fun with educational value. These modules are designed for building confidence for the future leaders of society while ensuring that their studies progress with assessments and a personal approach.

2. Develop Transferable Skills
Kids develop transferable skills which are vital for future success in any career, which include:

  • Developing strengths in independence, self-regulation and self-assessment;
  • Confidence in dealing with a wide range of new people and situations;
  • Responsibility for own learning, time management, and working with others;
  • Communication skills in speaking, listening, and presenting effective arguments in a variety of different contexts.

3. Spend their day being physically active – As children spend so much time these days inside and mostly sitting down, camp provides a wonderful opportunity to move with various activities. Experience different sports such as rock-climbing (announced to be in the 2020 Olympics), or improve at sports they might want to such as swimming, tennis, football or athletics.

4. Experience various career possibilities: Kids are able to undertake various academic activities which they would not at school, this opens their minds to different options at a young age, encouraging them know that nothing is impossible and all options are available for them. The common mistake which happens in career choices in the future, is due to the fact that Kids might not know what options there are limiting their possibilities.

5. Experience success and become more confident – Camp helps children build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of academic, athletic and social competition that shapes their lives at school. With its non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, summer camp life is a boost for children and their future development.

6. Gain resiliency – The kind of encouragement and nurture kids receive at a summer camp makes it the best environment to endure setbacks, experience new things, and see that improvement comes when they try something new.

7. Get a Break from technology – A break from the TV and phones allows kids to rediscover their creative powers and engage in the real world. This is one of the most vital things we believe that shape the future leaders of society. Being able to disconnect from technology is almost a breakthrough in itself for kids that have grown up with it.

8. Develop life-long skills – Camps provide the right instruction, equipment and facilities for kids to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, and their adventure skills. The variety of activities offered at a summer camp makes it easy for kids to discover and develop what they like to do.

9. Culturally aware: Camps provide the correct approach for cultural awareness where everyone is on equal footing. Kids are able to engage with other international kids allowing for maximum integration and this allows them to become aware of this at a young age.

10. Grow more independent – Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding them. Managing their daily choices in the safe, caring environment of camp is the best way to foster independence.

11. Learn social skills – Being at a camp with a close community means that everyone must agree to cooperate and respect each other. When kids live with others they are able to resolve disagreements and see firsthand the importance of natural communication.

12. Make true friends – Camp is the place where kids make their very best friends. Free from the social expectations pressuring them at school, camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily and allows them to gain confidence.

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